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The text-format of Prairie Dog Song written in collaboration with Cindy Trumbore (see Parrots Over Puerto Rico and The Mangrove Tree) was inspired by an old Irish folksong. Cindy's daughter, composer Dale Trumbore, created a choral arrangement also inspired by the original song. She recorded it with a children's choir available at Her original score is included at the end of the book so that readers can sing the text as well as read it.  

Composer Victoria Bond's new opera, MIRACLE! (libretto by me), which was commissioned by the Young Peoples' Chorus of New York City.


My friend, the composer Victoria Bond, wrote music designed to be performed together with a slide show of my illustrations from my book, Nothing But Miracles, written by Walt Whitman. The world premiere took place in Baltimore, Maryland, in May, 2004. Fifty-five young boys from the Gilman School performed the piece which was the focal point of the annual Spring celebration there. This amazing event could only have happened with the dedicated participation of many people at the Gilman school, most especially by my friend, librarian Cindy Woodruff, who coordinated the event which included collage workshops presented by me, and an exhibit of my original art work from Nothing But Miracles in the Gilman School Gallery.


Click here to view music composed to Nothing But Miracles or click on the arrow below to listen:


Maestro Angelo Mafucci conducting the world premiere of Victoria Bond's
Guido d'Arezzo Oratorio with Silvia Martinelli, Lisandro Guinis,
Pietro Ciabatti, and the Piccoli Cantori del Convitto.
Arezzo, Italy, December 16, 2006.

Victoria Bond and I collaborated again with a similar project which centered on my book Do Re Mi. Angelo Mafucci, who is maestro of the children's choir of Arezzo, Italy, taught the children the music and conducted the world premiere which took place in the Cathedral of Arezzo on December 16, 2006. Click here for the story of this historic event in Publishers Weekly, written by Alexis Burling.


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La Nazione, 16 Dicembre 2006
Il Corriere, 13 Dicembre 2006
Concerto Di Natale

Angelo Mafucci, Victoria Bond, Silvia Martinelli, and Susan L. Roth,
at the official Christmas dinner hosted by Professor Enrico Fadda,
director of the Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II.

We are planning an art show of all the original art from Do Re Mi to be held in Arezzo.

Listen to the children's choir of Arezzo performing Victoria Bond's music
composed for Do Re Mi:







At the invitation of Stephanie Borgman, Chair of the Children’s Round Table of the Texas Library Association, The North American Premiere of the Guido d'Arezzo Oratorio was presented in San Antonio at the convention on April 14, 2007. Karen Sieffert conducted the All-state Choir and soloists.

Victoria Bond, Nancy Patz and I created a commissioned piece for Babies Can’t Eat Kimchee!, which was premiered at GreenMount School, Baltimore, MD in 2008.

Listen to the Wind, a song by Victoria Bond, with words by both of us, had its World Premiere on January 22, 2009, at Barnes and Noble, Lincoln Center, New York City.

Victoria Bond spoke about her composition, commissioned by Young People’s Chorus of New York City™:

“The picture book, Listen to the Wind, cried out for music because the words are so lyrical. The title suggested music to me immediately. I began to explore music of Pakistan as a source of inspiration. I discovered a melodic line often decorated with characteristic ornamentation, and I included some of this in my song. We are happy to build upon the literary and visual aspects of the picture book, Listen to the Wind, with music, song and with young voices and young faces which resonate for us with the young voices that speak the words in the book and the young faces that shine in the illustrations.” - Victoria Bond

Listen to the Wind
is our fourth book/music collaboration, with many more TKTKTK

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Young People’s Chorus of New York City™ practicing and performing the
world premiere of Victoria Bond's piece written for Listen to the Wind

Choristers: Ashanti Alvarez, Francesca Beldner, Lillian Carver, Remy Comp, Sarah Greenspon, Aly Koita, Emily Ma, Ross Macatangay, Jamal Marcelin, Ariana Nathani, Samantha Padilla, Demitri Papoulis, Nicholas Scarmato, Thalia St. Hubert