Write it Down

I love to write. What an un-messy sport compared to collage making. How convenient it is to write - note the scribbles on the napkins pictured on the background of this page; apparently inspiration struck in the Caffè River. One can write anywhere, from bed to breakfast to bus to beach, and I do. My favorite time and place is when I just wake up, sitting straight, but still in bed. I begin to drink my very strong espresso. By the third sip I'm convinced that every word I write is a perfect pearl of pure poetry.

There's plenty of time later in the day for reality to return, and for me to come back to these pearls with a merciless red pen.

My own font, Cut-out

My friend Bob Salazar gave me a very special present: a font of my own. I cut out each and every letter, lower case and UPPER CASE, numbers, punctuation marks and even ding bats (this is the real term for type symbols, not letters, included in most fonts). Bob created my font just for me. Cut-out, his name for it, is listed on my computer with all the usual fonts, and I am always able to type out the cut-out font. My art directors have my font on their computers, too. It was selected as the type face for several of my books.

My font was used in Happy Birthday Mr. Kang.