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Victoria Bond, composer
Peter Laufer, writer
Alana Roth, paintings, drawings
Douglas Florian, painter, poet

The Kerlan Collection
The Peace Study Center, Baltimore, MD

Places to order my books:

If you send me books with
stamped return mailers,
I'll be delighted to autograph
them for you and yours,
and send them right back. - Young People’s Chorus of New York City™ performed the world premiere of Victoria Bond's piece written for Listen to the Wind (by Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth, collages by Susan L. Roth), January 22, 2009 at the official launch of the book. - Danforth Museum of Arts, Framingham, MA
The original art for Listen to the Wind was exhibited in the Children's Gallery
in Spring, 2009, and original art from Nothing But Miracles, exhibited Spring, 2011.