Questions and Answers

Q: Which is your favorite book?
A: Whichever one I am working on right now. It's the one I didn't quite finish yet.

Q: Where do I get my ideas?
A: World, universe, New York Times, friends, family, sky, head, dogs, traveling, museums, libraries, walks, good coffee, cooking, looking out the window, listening...

Q: When did you start writing?
A: I have been writing ever since I was a child.

Q: When did you start to draw?
A: I don't draw. I cut and I rip.

Q: Why do you write and illustrate books for children?
A: I love books, I love children, I love writing stories, I love making pictures.

Q: Do you have a dog?
A: No, but I did have one for many years. Pepper is the star of It's a Dog's New York and Itís Still a Dogís New York, the inspiration for Cinnamon's Day Out, and pictured in other books of mine. See if you can find him.

Q: Do you have a cat?
A: I'm allergic to cats but I love to make them out of paper.

Q: What's your next book about?
A: One is about shivering bear in the mountains and another about Happy New Years all around the world.

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