Playing with Osito | Jugando con Baby Bear
Bilingual English and Spanish
(2018) Barranca Press
by Lisa Maria Burgess
collages by Susan L. Roth


"Lovely, fun bilingual story about a little girl's adventures with Osito (baby bear) trying to devise a good plan to keep Osito warm. Captivating illustrations that are sure to engage a child's attention. Especially good for children who speak Spanish and/or English or if they are learning either language. A bonus nature information page."

"Playing with Osito/Jugando con Baby Bear is a sweet, fun story book in which a girl and a baby bear become friends. The book has beautiful collage-style illustrations. The Spanish/English versions of the text are displayed side-by-side on every spread, which makes it easy to follow the story and translations. This book is great not only for children of mixed cultural backgrounds, but also for children who are learning English or Spanish as a Foreign Language."